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March 10, 2017

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January 2012

January 31, 2012

After 2 full months of training with the NSWIS triathlon squad, I think it is time for me to call myself a full time triathlete and to start logging my events each month.

This year started off with consecutive days of ‘first’ experiences on the bike. After only learning to ride the rollers during Camp 1 at Falls Creek in December, I moved on to riding them on a track bike too. This became the least of my worries as I followed that by a session on the velodrome with Natalie and Tamsyn. After pushing the pedals; up and down the velodrome, lap after lap, there comes a moment when concentration slips and the legs want a break so they stop pedaling, only to find yourself jolted forward by the continuous momentum.  The three of us were proud to say we completed each session without a disastrous crash although there were numerous close calls.

Another big ‘first’ for me was the 4 hour ride through the National Park and Waterfall, a session where I learnt the importance of being one step ahead in terms of energy. In future, I will be following Greg Cox, the AIS nutritionist’s recommendation of taking whole foods on long rides as they seem to be more satisfying.

On the 5th of January, we found ourselves back at the luxurious Crows Nest apartments in Slalom Street at Falls Creek, 1600m above sea level.  The first few days, we were being blown into human balls on runs due to the wind and rain, although most of the excitement came when the weather watch radar predicted snow! Sadly our ideas of being snowed in didn’t come true.

Our sessions consisted of swim sessions at Mt Beauty pool, hill efforts on the bike, ergo sessions followed by a run session, long runs, long repeats running at specific speeds and a new type of run session for me, kinetics. I complete my longest run session on the last Sunday, and enjoyed all 22km of it. This included 3 by 20min runs covering approximately 5.1km per rep with a 4minute recovery between. To sum up Falls Creek, it is a close to perfect environment to train hard and be 100% focused on training, all made easier by living in one of the best lodges in Falls Creek according to Craig Mottram and having Pete Kerry (Pistol) available 24/7 for recovery massages.

January ended on a high note for me as I competed in the Illawarra Australia Day Aquathon, held at Wollongong Harbour. The 900m swim and 7km run allowed me to attempt my first wetsuit transition, which was a lot smoother than I imagined. I came second out of the water to training partner Natalie Van Coevorden and the distance between us barely changed with her run time being only 1 second quicker than mine.



A huge thank you must go to NSWIS, Jamie and the Wollongong squad for making my transition into a whole new sport and environment a smooth one. Also I look forward to another partnership with Graham Marcolin at Sutton Forrest McDonalds who is continuing his sponsorship.

For now, I am looking forward to making my triathlon debut at the Kurnell TriShave Sprint Race 3 triathlon (Kurnell Olympics) on Sunday 12th February.

Getting eager to race now!


Grace Musgrove

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