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March 10, 2017

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Opinions & Rounding Out 2018!

December 3, 2018

Most of you would know the saying, "Opinions are like assholes, we all have them them", or "Opinions are like wrist watches. Everyone's watch shows different times but everyone believes their time is correct". 


Over the past two months I have had so many people throw their 2 cents in about how I am going about my life, predominantly in relation to triathlon. I have been told I just do it because I enjoy the lifestyle or questioned why I am still doing it. What may seems as throw away comments or opinions to some people are words that I can sit and stew over for a day or two, questioning my own decisions. At the end of the day, I am still giving the sport 100% because I have belief I can still be competitive and it's not to prove to other people that I can come back and race well but to prove to myself I can. I have had a number of years of s**t but I have hung in there because I still have that passion for training and racing. 

So with the changes I have made I will continue to strive to be the best athlete I can be until I am no longer passionate to continue.

All I say is be mindful of your comments to anyone, not just athletes. Having good self worth is so important and very relevant in this day and age particularly in sport and you don't want your off hand comment to drive someone's own self worth away. Anything you have criticised about someone, I can guarantee they have already criticised themselves 100 times before. After all, we are our own harshest critics.  



In say this, I have a number of people around me who continue to support me and also have belief otherwise they wouldn't be so invested. I have been building a team who I enjoy working with and who always have my best interest at heart. The newest addition to this team is BaiMed Performance. The past 2 months, BaiMed Performance Centre has been my second home whether I am in the gym or seeing a physio or dietician. BaiMed also have their own new project which I am a part of being released soon so stay tuned for that!




Now to the fun stuff that has been happening!


I have started taking a few more outdoor personal training sessions with Savvy Fitness (the best crew to work with - see photo!) which has kept me really busy but also challenged me in so many different aspects of life. To be an athlete you need to be selfish and very focused on yourself so it is nice to have some time each week where I am solely focused on other people's goals and can take a little break from myself!



In terms of training, I am in a really consistent block and happy with how things are going and I have also been racing nearly every weekend in all sorts of events. 


Friday night Sutherland criteriums have started up. This is basically a 25 - 40min bike race around a 1.5km circuit. These races are so unpredictable which is by far the most challenging aspect but as I am getting fitter and more confident they become even more enjoyable!




I had a dabble in my first triathlon since July at the Kurnell Sprint Series. There were some really rusty aspects and it was also my first 5km run without walk breaks since July too so physically it was quite challenging but mentally I came away with a lot of confidence.


And of course, I made sure the Bondi Splash n Dash was in my schedule for November. This year I skipped the actual Splash n Dash race because I don't trust my body enough to run 2km on soft sand but I was able to race the 2km open water and the novelty Duck Dash race. Reidy is always dealt inclement weather for his event so kudos to him and his team for still making it a successful day!




And most recently (last Saturday), I raced my first 3 Points Challenge at Curl Curl on the northern beaches of Sydney. This involved a 400 swim at North Curl Curl, run to Freshwater beach (3km), another 400m swim then run back to North Curl Curl for a final swim leg. After running on some soft sand, up stairs and up boat ramps I flopped into the water on the last swim and came in second behind the local star Emma Jeffcoat. I absolutely loved this challenge and will definitely go back for round two next year!




So to finish off 2018, I am going to line up for another sprint tri down at the beautiful Callala Bay on Saturday and then spend the rest of the month enjoying the silly season with friends and family, enjoying Aussie beaches in the summer, having the occasional gin & tonic and of course keeping this consistent training up. 



Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this year I am looking forward to what I plan to be a much more successful and enjoyable 2019!


Until the new year!


Grace x

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